107-year-old Grandma Finally Achieves Her Dream Of Getting A High School Diploma

7:30 pm 30 Jul, 2017


There’s no age to fulfill one’s dream. This was turned into reality by Hanna Lovett recently when she was awarded her high school diploma at the age of 107.

Hanna Lovett was born in Kerry in 1910. She was forced to forgo her studies midway when her family emigrated to New York. She eventually settled in Mattituck in Long Island and raised six children with her husband.

Lovett (107) being awarded the honorary high school diploma Independent



According to a report by NewsDay.com, in her young age, Mrs. Lovett completed a program which qualified her to care for new born babies. Later on, she undertook a professional course to become a caregiver. However, it has long been her wish to be able to complete her high school studies and get awarded a diploma.

Ann reached out to the principal of the local Mattituck Junior Senior High School and helped her mother achieve her unfulfilled desire. She was awarded an honorary degree by the school last month.

This extremely popular granny has even become the subject of a memoir penned down by local author, Sara Bloom.

The publication said that principal, Shawn Petretti, credited Lovett at the ceremony and spoke of her fascinating life:


We thought it was appropriate because she’s lived such a full and fascinating life, even though she had to leave school at such a young age. I do believe she fits right in with the class of 2017.