20 Illustrations To Bring Out The Grammar Nazi In You

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7:30 pm 30 Nov, 2015


Are you one of those who do that little thing with your nose when you spot an annoyingly flawed sentence? You can’t wait to go and fix it, lest you die of anxiety attack? It almost feels like a GCD – Grammar Compulsive Disorder.

If yes, you are going to like what you see now.

1. I don’t think you need help if that’s the case!

Dessert Island



2. Better, now you may continue.

Grammar Snob


3. Pirates, behave!

Grammar Pirates


4.  Know THAT difference – and respect it.

Coasters For Grammar Lover


5. Well, boys.

Pros And Cons Of Boys


6. A comma can save lives.

The Importance Of Grammar


7. But again, a comma can save lives.

Help A Thief


8. This alarmed me!

This Door Is Alarmed


9. Oh, hire tall ones.

Hire Taller Staff Cause I Need A Taco!


10. The story of ‘your’ forever.

Dear Internet, Grammar Matters


11. Is it your kind of party?

The Games Get Pretty Crazy At English Teachers' Parties


12. So here is a little note. Consider.


For All You Grammar Nazis Out There

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