This Guy’s Creative Resume For GQ Magazine Got Him Hired Without An Interview

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7:33 pm 17 Jun, 2016


We know it is a tedious drill to build a credible resume especially when all employers today are seeking the X-factor. So what do you do when you want a place in an elite international magazine, and you’re just a regular management graduate?

You do it their way!



This guy, Sumukh Mehta will tell you how creative minds can really steal the show right from under your nose.

You may crib, calling it unfair but hey, who’s listening?


Sumukh’s resume had such a mind-blowing impact that he was not even called for a (f*cking!) interview. He was directly hired for their London office by Gentlemen’s Quarterly’s Editor-in chief, Dylan Jones – yes, just like that!


His twenty-page resume is as good as GQ’s official magazine, reflecting his devoted effort to details. Right from photo-shoots to content writing and graphic design, Sumukh Mehta has made sure his profile looks as glossy as the pages.

Here’s the Contents page


And an  elaborate Editor’s Letter


With a glossy British building listing his Educational Qualifications:

(What da hell!)



Can we really put our ‘Experiences’ in such an experienced way?




Oh, there I see. He has an experience in making info-graphic resumes professionally for MBA graduates:

(No wonder!)



And well, this guy is not all work and no play:



And he has some pretty good karma up his sleeve too:



So there, he said it in the most ‘Chanel’ way.

Has ‘Hire Me!’ ever looked this classy?



And well, he ended it with an uber-stylish picture of his keeping it purely professional.






And now, you can only curse your tiny head to not have thought of this idea before!