Karnataka Govt. Orders Verification Of A Man’s Claims Of Hidden Treasure Based On A Dream

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9:00 pm 24 Aug, 2017


“Don’t let your dreams just be dreams.”

The quote above is undoubtedly a powerful and inspiring one for driving someone to achieve his/her dreams. But 29-year old Pradyumna Yadav seems to have taken it literally. He believed his dream of two rooms of an ancient bungalow hiding an old treasure and he even wrote a letter to chief minister Siddaramaiah regarding the same.

Yadav’s dream perhaps sparked the interest of the government too as the chief minister’s principal secretary himself took note of the matter and wrote to the Commissioner, Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage to verify the claim of treasure hidden in two rooms of an ancient bungalow. In fact, social welfare minister H. Anjaneya has also issued instructions to Kannada and Culture department’s director in this concern.

A man claims treasure hidden in an ancient bungalow. Representational image. YouTube


The social welfare minister, in his letter to the chief minister, wrote that Yadav describes himself as a descendant of Shri Kirisomeshwara kingdom and that his ancestors were rulers of Guddada Neralekere. This place lies near Kittadalu and Kanchipura of Chittorgarh district. As per history, this place is around 700 years old.

Yadav claims that 300 years ago, his kingdom was attacked by Yadunandan Chitrabhupala and at that time, his ancestors had hidden a lot of treasure in 2 rooms of the bungalow. He says that the treasure is now appearing in his dreams and if found, it should be used for the development of the state. Yadav had written to the chief minister in this concern on August 16. Taking prompt action, on August 18, the principal secretary of the chief minister issued instructions to Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage.

Govt. has ordered Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage to verify the claims of treasure hidden in the bungalow NavbharatTimes


This is not the first time that a government led by Congress is enticed by the claims of hidden wealth. In 2013, Uttar Pradesh’s UPA-II government had ordered the fort of Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh in Daundia Kheda village in Unnao to be dug in search of hidden wealth. A local seer had claimed that the king had appeared in his dream and told him that 1,000 tonnes of gold lay buried under the ruins of his fort. However, after days of hard work by the Archaeological Survey of India, no hidden gold had turned up.



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