RBI Scales Down Printing Of Rs 2000 Notes To A Minimum, Twitterati Give Mixed Reactions

1:31 pm 4 Jan, 2019


According to a few media reports, the government of India has stopped the printing of new Rs 2000 notes with the motive of gradually stopping their circulation. The reports further mentioned that the government took this decision because they suspected that Rs 2000 note was being used for money laundering, hoarding, and tax evasion.

Rs 2000 note was introduced in Nov 2016 for the first time after demonetisation. As of now, the total currency in circulation is Rs 18.03 trillion, out of which Rs 6.73 trillion are Rs 2,000 notes.




Modi government was heavily criticised for the introduction of Rs 2000 note. It was criticised because it went against one of the core purposes of demonetisation, which was to stop the hoarding of black money using high denomination notes.



After the news broke out, Twitterati got divided into two groups. One group was as always supporting PM Modi while other was criticizing this decision of the government. Take a read at the comments of the people who were criticizing it:








Now take a look at the comments of those who are supporting the decision of government:




However, it seems that this news was a false alarm. In a recent development, the Economic Affairs Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg issued a statement putting all the rumors to rest. He said:

“We have more than adequate notes of Rs 2,000 in the system. Over 35 percent of notes by value in circulation of Rs 2,000 denomination.”


He also shared this information on Twitter. Check out his tweet regarding the same:




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