Indian Government Bans Saridon And 327 Other Combination Drugs Due To Unexpected Reason

3:24 pm 14 Sep, 2018


For many people, taking medicine has become a part and parcel of their daily routine. From relieving pain to curing infections, these drugs help in the biological protection of the body, improving the health conditions and treatment of diseases. However what if we tell you that there are certain popular medicines available in the market that can severely affect your health?

Apparently, Government of India has taken some major health decisions to help ensure the safety of its citizens. Evidently, the Ministry of Health put a ban on the manufacture of sale and distribution of one of the most popular medicines in the market, Saridon, and 327 other fixed-dose combination drugs (FDCs) on September 12 with immediate effect.



Well, FDCs are two or more drugs combined in a fixed ratio into a single dosage form. Besides Piramal’s Saridon, Akem Laboratories’ Taxim AZ and Mazleods Pharma’s Panderm Plus cream are on the list too. Moreover, the ministry has restricted the production of six drugs up to a certain extent.

According to government sources, this initiative will wipe off approximately 6,000 medicine brands produced by different companies from the drugs market, affecting an estimate of the combined market size of Rs 2,000 – Rs 2,500 crore of the economy.



On March 10, 2018, the Health Ministry published a notice under Section 26 A of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1949 that ceased the manufacture for sale and distribution for human use of 349 FDCs. However, the issue affected several manufacturers of the drug and they filed complaints in various High Courts and the Supreme Court.



Hence, an expert panel was appointed by the Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB) under the order of the Supreme Court which claimed that there were no therapeutic properties in the ingredients contained in the 328 FDCs including Saridon that got banned. DTAB also exclaimed that these drugs can pose a heavy risk on the health of the human beings.



Apparently, social media users have posted epic reactions on the ban on Saridon and other drugs that are ‘irrational’ and ‘unsafe’ for human beings. Have a read at some of the tweets:



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Some people came in support of the ban as well:



Very good decision!



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