Farah Khan Says Govinda Is The Ultimate Bollywood Dancer

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4:58 pm 2 Jul, 2016

We have all shaken a leg to one or more of Govinda’s infectious dance numbers at some point in our lives. And there are those of us who find that we can’t help but dance every time ‘Kisi disco mein jaayein’ or ‘Ankhiyon se goli maare’ plays. Judge us, if you will, but it don’t matter! We’ve made our peace with it.


We’ve got ace choreographer, Farah Khan, among our ranks. In a recent interview she said,

For me, Govinda is the ultimate Bollywood dancer. I can’t see anyone beyond him. You can show me the most technical dancer but the fun that you have in watching him can’t be matched. I can see him dancing for hours.


She goes on to talk about how effortless his dance is, how naturally it seems to come to him, and how his unique combination of abandon and rhythm remain, thus far, unmatched!

This, coming from the woman who single-handedly redefined Bollywood choreography, is high praise indeed!


Yes, Govinda made some colossal errors in judgement with “Sarkaaye lo khatiya” and “Angna mein baba” but his legacy is so much bigger than a few ill-chosen, and really really cheap, songs. How ’bout we remember the good and let go of the bad?! I say he’s earned that much. Right?!!



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