Govinda Thanked Rishi Kapoor For Taking A Stand For Him, Called Anurag Basu Unprofessional

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Updated on 27 Jul, 2017 at 8:28 pm


Ranbir Kapoor starrer, ‘Jagga Jasoos’, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The movie has finally hit the silver screen after a long wait but people aren’t saying good things about the movie. The film got into a controversy when a picture of Govinda started taking rounds on the internet and people got to know that Govinda did a special appearance in the movie. Sadly, the scene got cut by the makers of the film.


Soon we came to know that Govinda went to South Africa especially for that scene even when he was unwell. The actor didn’t even charge a penny for the special appearance.

Govinda’s deleted special appearance shot from the movie ‘Jagga Jassos’. IE



This injustice made Rishi Kapoor take a stand for the actor. Kapoor blamed Anurag Basu for being careless and for disrespecting a legendary actor like Govinda.

Rishi Kapoor took a stand for Govinda. TY


Now, Govinda has finally opened up about the controversy and talked about the things that have hurt him the most. In his recent interview, he has thanked Rishi Kapoor for taking a stand for him and supporting him. Govinda said,

I want to say, ‘Thank you Rishi sir. At last, you showed concern. Good blood never speaks wrong’.


Govinda expressed that it didn’t hurt him when the makers cut his role but when the makers didn’t bother to inform him about this decision, he was upset.

I didn’t react much because I have huge respect for the Kapoor family. Also, I truly feel that it’s the director’s (Anurag) call to do what he wants to do with his film, but a little professionalism is expected. I had no clue what they were up to. They were busy with their own things and I wasn’t even informed about it (his ouster from the film).


Govinda, who was unwell and still went extra miles to work for free in ‘Jagga Jasoos’, said,

I was unwell and on drips, but I still travelled to South Africa for the shoot as I didn’t want people to feel that I am unprofessional or making excuses. After doing all that, what I got in return has made me realise that I need to be more frank from now on. I shouldn’t be sensitive or emotional when it comes to work. I should make changes in myself as this is how the world functions.

The director of ‘Jagga Jasoos’, Anurag Basu. dna


However, the actor is still open to working with Anurag Basu because he believes in professionalism,

If I had said something, it would have been perceived as a complaint. They did what they thought was right and I didn’t want to interfere. I am not here to fight. If Anurag offers me a film again, I might still do it as we all are professionals. But this was petty and I no longer get affected by all this as I have seen this kind of behaviour for a while now.


Govinda also reflected a light upon the changing industry and how his setting stardom has thinned his relationship with other people of the industry.

 I don’t want to wallow in self-pity, but when you are going through a rough patch, you tend to get used to this. My bungalow is close to (Manmohan) Shetty saab’s in Juhu. So many filmy parties happen there, but no celeb even bothers to say hello to me. Log mujhe dekh kar avoid karte hain. Har kisi ka time hota hai. I am content with the fact that the public still likes me and mobs me wherever I go. That is what I have earned over the years.


The Kapoor family has a special place in Govinda’s heart. Sharing an old incident, the actor said,

I have utmost respect for the Kapoor family, as I can never forget the love that the legendary Raj Kapoor saab showered upon me when I was just a newcomer. I can never forget the time when he invited me and my mother to one of his parties and touched my mother’s feet when we entered. He treated us with so much love and respect. He was indifferent to my social status. I lived in a Virar chawl and at that time, I was nobody. I don’t look at individuals when I see the Kapoor family. I look at them as one and I look up to Rishi sir and Raj saab. I respect my seniors. These are the qualities that I have imbibed from my mother and I will always stand by them.


When it comes to special appearances, he only prefers to do it for the Kapoors and Salman Khan’s family because they are special to him.

There might not be a second time as I might only do it for the Kapoors or Salman Khan’s family. Not that I don’t think the others are less important, it’s just that these families are special for me and I hold them in high regard.

No matter if Govinda is becoming old, his fans will always have respect and love for him. He is a legendary actor and will always be. It’s sad to know the double standards of the industry but people like Rishi Kapoor who speak for the truth restore our faith.