Govinda Talks About Heroes These Days: Says They Look Like “Choose Hue Aam”

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4:00 pm 9 Aug, 2016


We don’t quite hear of Govinda these days. He’s one of those actors who seems to have retreated into the wings offstage to wait patiently for his comeback moment in the sun. Sure, we see him shaking a leg on some dance show or other every now and again. But his star lost its sparkle after his David Dhawan/Karishma Kapoor days. These days you hear of him more than you hear from him. I guess that’s just how it goes!


In an interview recently, Govinda had a lot to say about the new generation of actors that has swarmed tinsel town. He is of the opinion that actors these days waste far too much time and energy on pandering to this notion of “the perfect physique”. Here’s what he had to say about it all,

Only the six and eight-pack abs are visible now. Unke chehre toh choose hue aam jaise hai. I am not kidding. Frankly speaking, earlier the faces had glamour. I don’t find any of the actors looking like Dharmendra now.



The actor went on to say,

Those who have a good physique have drained out faces, while those with faces don’t have the body. Only Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar are the exceptions.


In what sounds like an uncannily honest interview, Govinda minced no words and said it like it is,

John Abraham looks nice, but he has overworked on himself. And people like me should stop criticizing and start looking at their own paunch (laughs). You only require a combination of good luck and blessings to be in the industry.

He did have some really nice things to say about one actor though,

Among the current crop of actors, Ranveer Singh is my favourite. He is the best among the whole lot and is very hard-working… I feel that he chooses cinema, not films, which is working in his favour. Other youngsters are doing films, which doesn’t work.



His honestly is truly refreshing. Way to call a spade a spade, man! Kudos!

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