Government To Stand By The Officer Who Used Stone Pelter As A Human Shield

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2:05 pm 18 Apr, 2017


Ever since the video became viral, there has been a never ending debate over the ethics and human rights of Kashmiris in the valley.

Despite the loud cry made by the separatists and anti-Modi people, the government has decided to stand by the officer. Defense Minister, Arun Jaitley, discussed the issue with the Army Commanders in the capital yesterday and revealed the government’s stance.



The incident which took place on April 9 during the bypolls of the Srinagar Lok Sabha Constituency, forced the Army officer to tie up the stone pelter as a last resort to maintain peace. Stone pelters had attacked a dozen security forces personnel in Budgam sector with razor-sharp stones and wanted to cause unrest during the polling.

The officer, whose identity is not revealed, is on deputation with the Rashtriya Rifles and said that he had take the action “reluctantly”and as the “last resort.” He further revealed that the Army was mobilized to save security personnel from a mob of stone pelters and to help conduct the polls peacefully.

Farooq Ahmed Dar, the man who was used as the human shield, was released once the polling got over. The officer in question further stated that they had a difficult time catching the pelter and tying him on the jeep ensured that the five vehicle convoy passed through the streets safely and without having to fire.


Earlier this week, the J&K government filed an FIR against the Army for the same.