7 Reasons Why Gotham Could Become Your Favourite TV Series

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 2:25 pm


Very rarely is a show so good that it doesn’t have to revolve around its core theme. Cartoons and anime have managed to make it happen in the past, but that’s only because they can afford to portray whatever they want on television. Smallville tried to make it happen a few years back, but even they were only temporarily successful. But Gotham, on the other hand, has more than just a little luck to play with. Here’s why it could become the most watched show:

7. It’s not about Batman

While there are many ways in which Batman has been portrayed in the past, a series on his adolescence was never attempted, probably because his popularity grew exponentially over the years. Gotham attempts to bring two worlds together; one in which Bruce tries desperately to find his parent’s murderers while Detective Gordon struggles to clean up what’s left of Gotham. We all know where they’re headed, we just don’t know how they’re heading there.

It’s not about Batman

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6. Not many shows on the horizon

Not to demean the show in any way, but Gotham doesn’t really have that many competitors at the moment. At the most, I see Castle, Modern Family, House of Cards  standing in its way. Compared to most prime-time shows which went on to break records, Gotham isn’t facing such bad odds. Currently, it’s clocking over 6 million viewers worldwide, which could improve significantly over the next few years.

Not many shows on the horizon

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5. Too many enemies to ignore

Whether you’re a fan of Batman or not, I’m sure you’ve heard their names: Edward.E.Nigma, Mr.Freeze, Poison Ivy, The Penguin, The Joker. They’re some of the most iconic villains ever created. What makes Gotham interesting is how they try to explain the prominence of these villains in Bruce’s life, directly or indirectly. Also, we get to see how super-villains are made, and honestly, who doesn’t want to see that?

Too many enemies to ignore

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4. A Friend in Need

Gotham hasn’t set a standard of conventionality so far. Selina has been introduced very early on in the series, as has Bruce. We all know that Batman keeps to himself but there are so many versions out there, you just don’t know what to believe anymore. His allies are slipping in too, just at a slower pace than his villains. With The Flash and The Green Arrow making appearances in each other’s show, don’t be surprised if we see the likes of Wonder Woman and Sups (Superman) on the show.

A Friend in Need

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3. A friendship bound by tragedy

Another concept in the making is Bruce’s attachment to Gordon. It was portrayed so much in the past, but here, Gotham attempts to paint a black and white story; one in which Gordon plays a crucial role in Batman’s existence and hence Batman returns the favor later on. I’m sure you’ve wondered: “Why did Batman choose Gordon? Was it because he’s the only honest cop around?” An answer which Gotham is attempting to provide.

A friendship bound by tragedy

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2. Doing the unthinkable

There’s only one reason Batman is who he is: his parents. The spirit of vengeance rests solely on his shoulders, but we’ve never really known anything about their deaths. We just know they were shot in front of his eyes, but a decent explanation has always eluded us. His parents have always been his strongest and weakest link, but for Bruce to go through that as a child is an experiment which could prove quite successful.

Doing the unthinkable

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1. It’s always about the Joker

This is where the core of Batman comes in. Just like so many other unexplored topics, Gotham could finally break the everlasting silence; how did the Joker come to be? Being the Batman’s equal in intellect is probably unimaginable, but the Joker’s caught him off-guard more times than not.  Assuming that they’re of similar age, we can expect the Joker to be a kid, just like Bruce. I have a feeling that the season in which he’s introduced could be the defining point in Gotham’s make or break philosophy.