Game Of Morons, The Bihari Parody Of ‘Game Of Thrones’, Is Hilarious

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12:39 pm 6 Jun, 2016


With the premiere of season 6, like always ‘Game of Thrones’ has become contagious. Whether you like it or hate it, you will have to hear news, views and innovative perspectives about it. No matter how hard you try, you cannot get away from it. It’s like a cold fever going around and might have infected you, too!

But here’s something new…



Games of Morons is the Bihari parody of ‘Game of Thrones’ made by Tales N’ Talkies.


From its “Sardi aa raha hai”  follow up, you can make out what’s coming up next. Hearing ‘Game of Thrones’ characters speaking in ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ style Bihari accent, will make you roll on the floor laughing.

The plot seems to be the old 60s Bollywood movie.

Here is the story line they’ve gone with. Just reading this much and imagining ‘Game of Thrones’ characters in it is hilarious enough.

story line


Can you imagine these characters talking in shuddh Hindi, yes not to forget with a Bihari accent?



And this…



I understand what ‘Game of Thrones’ fans must be feeling right now!




Without any delay, watch the 1st episode here.

And in case you liked the first one, then there is a sequel for you here.

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