This Is What Arnab Goswami Told His Staff The Night He Resigned From Times Now

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1:49 pm 2 Nov, 2016

Arnab Goswami resigned from Times Now. Though it is just a normal thing in our world (people do resign, don’t they?), it became a viral story simply due to the fact that it was ARNAB GOSWAMI resigning. Everything from serious takes on his future plans to hilarious memes started doing the rounds of social media within hours of the news of his resignation.

It is true that The Newshour – should Times Now continues with it – will not be the same again. Everyone will be missing the hollering voice of the great Goswami, including his staff.

But before Goswami left, he addressed his staff. Videos of him talking to his staff have surfaced. He began with the words, “The game has just begun.”


What is noteworthy Arnab is giving a hint of what he is going to do in another video. He praises the “independent media” and acknowledges that the time of independent media is here.

Arnab had already cleared that he will be associated with television. But why is he so profusely showing support for independent media? Was Times Now not giving him that? Time will tell.



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