Google At It Again By Telling People Who ‘Pappu’ Of India Is

6:44 pm 28 Jul, 2015

Rahul Gandhi will certainly find this offensive. In fact, anyone who has some sense and is not a hardline anti-Congress fellow will find it offensive, too!

After kicking up a storm with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image in search results of criminals, Google is wading into another controversy. It returns the name of Rahul Gandhi to the question: Who is Pappu in India?



“Pappu” is the nickname given to the Congress vice-president by his detractors on social media. The word is used as an insult mocking the intellectual capacity of the Gandhi scion.


Just a couple of months ago, a huge controversy had erupted when Google was accused of maligning the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by displaying his image in search results of world’s criminals. The uproar had caused Google to apologise and explain how its algorithms work.


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