Here’s How You Can Download A Copy Of Your Google Data And Make Your Account More Secure

11:04 am 1 Apr, 2018


Google has become a part of our daily life. From searching for directions to ordering stuff, we are dependent on this tech giant. Ever wondered if Google knows about everything, how much it knows about you?



In the wake of the data breach scandal of Facebook, users are getting cautious about the accessibility of their information by tech giants. If you want to know what Google knows about you then there is an easy way to do the same. You can download a copy of your activities on Google and its applications.



In this regard, it is fair to mention that Google is much more transparent than Facebook about its data storage policy. On their ‘Privacy Page’, the users can see detailed information regarding the collection of data.

“We collect information to provide better services to all of our users – from figuring out basic stuff like which language you speak, to more complex things like which ads you’ll find most useful, the people who matter most to you online, or which YouTube videos you might like. We collect information in the following ways: Information you give us. For example, many of our services require you to sign up for a Google Account. When you do, we’ll ask for personal information, like your name, email address, telephone number or credit card to store with your account. If you want to take full advantage of the sharing features we offer, we might also ask you to create a publicly visible Google Profile, which may include your name and photo. Information we get from your use of our services. We collect information about the services that you use and how you use them, like when you watch a video on YouTube, visit a website that uses our advertising services, or view and interact with our ads and content.”


In short, everything you did on Google is stored. Here is a quick list for you to understand.

  1. Places visited on Google Maps
  2. YouTube videos watched or comment made
  3. Reward cards used on Google Play
  4. Google assistant queries
  5. Android apps downloaded
  6. News articles read on Google news
  7. Items stored in Google’s products
  8. Gmail files, Spam, and Trash included


Now emerges the question that how can you download the data? It’s helpful especially if you are thinking of deleting your Google accounts(s) but still want information from some of the Google apps. Here you need to understand that downloading the data doesn’t mean deleting it from Google’s database, it’s more of keeping a backup.


Steps to follow:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the required items for backup
  3. Click ‘Next’
  4. Select a file format
  5. Choose a delivery method. There are three methods available Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox
  6. Tap ‘Create Archive’
  7. Keep your patience level up and wait. It takes hours or days for Google to create the backup of your files



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