Good Samaritan Saves 26 Minor Girls From Human Traffickers. Twitterati Are Applauding Him

3:55 pm 7 Jul, 2018


Hearing about Good Samaritans and their actions leaving a positive impact in the world is always refreshing. More than that it gives hope to all in the midst of all the ill-will and tragedy that surrounds us.  And the latest Good Samaritan story doing the rounds is about how a guy tweeted to rescue 26 girls from the clenches of human traffickers.

Adarsh Shrivastava traveling in Avadh Express (19040) saw a few girls in the compartment, all troubled and nervous. And what he did next with the help of social media will surprise you all.




As soon as he realized there was something wrong, he took prompt action. Adarsh tweeted about how these girls could be victims of human trafficking and tagged all relevant authorities. This included PM Narendra Modi, Railways Minister Piyush Goyal, and Manoj Sinha along with others.

Check out the tweet he made:



The authorities quickly took action and responded to Adrash’s tweet. The Indian Railway Seva referred the incident to the Railway Protection Force.


Check the responses here:



The Railway Protection Force (RPF) also reverted back:



According to reports, post this, two RPF officials boarded the train at Kaptanganj, Uttar Pradesh. They accompanied the girls to Gorakhpur, deboarded them and took them to the police station.


The authorities then tweeted about the girls they rescued, to circulate the info:



Adarsh’s quick thinking and spirit saved these girls from a lot of torture and also helped apprehend the perpetrators. Netizens are all praises for the Good Samaritan and believe that he should be awarded for his bravery.

Here are some of the tweets praising Adarsh:


This is the best way to use social media, salute!



Respect for Adarsh.



His parents have rightly named him Adarsh!



He is an inspiration to all.




We too are super impressed and inspired by our Good Samaritan, and applaud his efforts.

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