This Is How Rotis Are Made In The Golden Temple Kitchen Which Serves Upto 1Lac People Daily

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4:55 pm 4 Nov, 2016

In 1481, a selfless tradition of serving free hot meals was started by Guru Nanak (the first guru of Sikh People) at the Golden Temple in Amritsar.  No matter which religion you belong to and on whom you put your faith, this meal is available to all.


These meals at gurudwaras are known as langarsThey are prepared with the help of thousands of volunteers. Though all gurudwaras serve free langars on Sundays but there is something special about Golden Temple.



People drool while talking about the food they had at Golden Temple as it’s always delicious. Approximately 40 thousand people are served food every day. However, the number reaches 1,00,000 on religious holidays. This makes it the largest community kitchen of the world.


But it takes a lot of effort to serve quality food every day.To serve hot rotis to these visitors the gurudwara has a roti-making machine.



The machine was donated to the temple by a Lebanon-based devotee.



However, the machine is used only on the days they are likely to witness a huge crowd. The machine can make rotis with 20 kg flour in just half an hour.



There are two machines in the basement of the langar hall. One works to get the flour and the other one kneads one quintal of flour in just five minutes.



Machine and volunteer work together as a team to make meals available twenty-four hours a ,seven days a week.



The food served here is considered holy as well as delicious. Nobody has ever complained about any hygiene issues. It’s one of those things that can happen only in India.

To know more about the working and mechanism of this roti machine, check out this video.


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