Gold Paste Resembling Poop Being Smuggled Seized At Hyderabad Airport. Twitterati Die Laughing!

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11:41 am 23 Jul, 2018


Smuggling is neither new nor an unusual thing happening in India, though it certainly is illegal. What is new about the illegal act is the ingenious ways adopted by the smugglers these days to slip precious things in and out of the country. But the form of smuggling that custom officials discovered is nothing ordinary. As per the media reports, The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence recovered 1.850 kg of gold paste at the Hyderabad International Airport on July 22.

When the authorities extracted gold out of the paste after heating it with kerosene, a whopping 1120.780 grams of gold came out.


Gold paste

Gold paste recovered at Hyderabad airport being burnt with kerosene. Source


The estimated market value of this gold is Rs 34, 57, 606. The news went viral all over the country in no time, all thanks to the digital era we live in.



More than the quantity of the gold, or its market value, or even the innovative way in which it was being smuggled, what intrigued the internet was the picture of the gold paste. The same was shared on Twitter by a leading news agency. Check it out below:


As can be seen, what is there in the above picture hardly looks like the gold we usually see. In fact, the paste above has an uncanny resemblance with poop. And this is what tickled the funny bone of the social media users. In response to the above tweet, people came up with all sorts of hilarious reactions. We have listed the funniest of them for you below. Take a look:

























What’s going on in your mind after seeing the picture of the seized gold paste?