Obsession Drives Bengaluru Engineer To Kill Wife And Plan An Elaborate Hoax Plot

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6:00 pm 8 Sep, 2015

In a plot that can intrigue even the best of Bollywood directors, a 33-year-old mechanical engineer, Gokul Macheri, allegedly planned and executed an elaborate plan to not only get rid of his wife but also get back with his old girlfriend by getting her husband framed in terrorism charges.

According to the Times of India, Bengaluru police on Saturday detained Macheri, who had allegedly killed his wife and tried to frame his old flame’s  husband in terror charges.

Following a trail of hoax calls that had troubled Bengaluru and Delhi International Airports for a week, police landed up at one Saju Jose’s doorstep.

He was the one who was being framed in a hoax online trail that would portray him as a terrorist with links to global jihadi outfit Islamic State.

Sanju claimed innocence and, on further police investigation, it was found that his neighbour, Gokul, was the one who had sent a series of WhatsApp messages making many bomb threats on seven different international planes.

It was also found that he had also made an extortion demand for Rs.10 crore to a New Delhi-based telecom baron, as part of his plan to ensure that number would be traced to Sanju Jose.

Gokul had used forged documents and photograph of Sanju to buy the SIM card and phones used in the crime.

When interrogated, Gokul revealed that Sanju’s wife was his girlfriend when they were in college and, in order to get back with her, he was trying to frame Sanju.

He revealed that the plan came to him in December 2014 with the arrest of pro-Islamic State (IS) Twitter handle operator Mehdi Masroor Biswas, also from Bengaluru.

He had hoped that the IS terror link would put Sanju away for some years, given him enough time to get back with his old girlfriend.

But that was not all.

Police found out that Gokul’s wife Anuradha had died under mysterious circumstances on July 28. Rigorous interrogation made Gokul admit to her killing. They have now reopened the case.

Though Jose’s wife’s role in all this is not yet known, the police have still put her under scanner.


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