Godzilla Hotel Opens In Japan And It Looks Frickin’ Awesome

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6:00 pm 29 Apr, 2015


Observation deck

kotakuObservation deck

Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku has opened a Godzilla themed hotel that is creating quite a buzz – not only among those in the tourist circles, but also those who are fans of the Godzilla movies. And while many ideas from Japan have become prominent internationally, can any of them beat Godzilla? No.

The 30-storey-high hotel has a Godzilla peeking over it onto the streets below. It also has rooms where Godzilla’s presence can be felt.


kotaku Room with a view

The 12m tall replica Godzilla head is based on the original 1954 film. In the ‘theme room’ you’ll find a man-sized Godzilla statue as well as big Godzilla claws. The Godzilla room will cost 39,800 yen (US$ 334,) on weekdays and 49,800 yen (US$ 417) on weekends. The view rooms start at 15,000 yen (US$ 125) per night.

There are also Godzilla-themes toilets; though I wonder how visitors are going to feel about sharing a bathroom with Godzilla when they’re trying to pee.

Replica head

metro Replica head

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