An International Survey On Religion Reached Some Eye-opening Conclusions

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9:00 pm 27 Apr, 2015


The WIN/Gallup International conducted a research on the religious beliefs of people across the world. This research involved 63,898 people from 65 different countries. The survey was carried out face-to-face, telephonically, and online.

Thailand emerged as the most religious country with 94% of people saying they were religious; one percent of respondents were convinced atheists.

The most religious countries after Thailand were Armenia, Bangladesh, Georgia and Morocco. The five least religious countries were China, Japan, Sweden, Czech Republic and Netherlands. But if you think that religion will suffer a decline soon, think again.

Surprisingly, religiousness is on the rise. Two thirds of adults under 34 said they were religious, whereas only 60% of those above 34 considered themselves religious.


People of all education levels were religious but among people with no education, 80% were religious, while 60% of the educated were religious. The least religious continental sections were Australasia and Western Europe, with 44 and 43 percent of people being religious.

In their predictions of the religious landscape in 2050, researchers have said that atheism will decline everywhere except the West.

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