Cheating Boyfriend Gets His Dorm Room Glitter-Bombed By (Now) Ex-GF

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6:51 pm 29 May, 2015


A Singaporean girl, ShuMin Francine, glitter-bombed her ex boyfriend’s dorm room when it turned out that he had been cheating on her and trying to have the best of both worlds.


In her post, she wrote:

“I did this not because he didn’t chose me in the end, but rather how he handled the situation. He did not care about how I would feel and focused solely on how wonderful his new relationship would be before ours was properly ended … and was utterly selfish.”

Francine reportedly usually paid for her boyfriend’s expenses and would put cash in his wallet so he wouldn’t be broke. Then they took a trip to Hat Yai, Thailand and things changed for them.

During the trip, ShuMin’s boyfriend would keep sneaking off to the toilet to text. When she confronted him, they fought.




She added:

“He kept asking me not to be so cold, not to be so hostile. But how the f*** can I not be? Your boyfriend is leaving you for a girl he knew for 3 days?! The whole day I was just holding back my tears and telling myself not to brawl my eyes out in Thai public. By the way, the texting still never f**king stop.”

Back in Singapore, the boyfriend blocked ShuMin on his Facebook profile and updated his relationship status with the other girl. However, he kept going out with both girls instead of breaking off with one.



The heartbroken girl revealed:

“The whole night he said he loved the both of us and he wants the best of both worlds… He informed me that he would be bringing her home for dinner on the following Monday night. Jesus Christ, i didn’t want to know that. He was just constantly stabbing me with an invisible knife.”

She finally found out that he had been with the other girl, who had called her a “s***” for not leaving someone else’s boyfriend alone, for a pretty long time.



alvinologyShuMin Francine


ShuMin then decided to take a rather sparkling revenge:

“Thus, the glitter bomb. It is f***ing difficult to remove, it would stick to you and everything else. But otherwise, it looked very cheerful and party-ish. Which was a way to congratulate him on his new relationship and being able to find someone new so quickly.”

She has been receiving a lot of support on her tumblr page:




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