Glance Through 7 Most Popular Makeup Looks!

Updated on 17 Oct, 2018 at 9:40 am


Best makeup looks can be achieved through best makeup techniques! A seasoned makeup artist will pick up the right tricks for you and will help you gain the desired makeup looks. Every fashion diva knows very well that there is a large variety to choose from when it comes to specific makeup looks. For those who do not know, let us tell you that there are specific makeup categories which come with their own telltale points. If you are interested to know about some of the most demanding and popular makeup looks, just glance through our list below and decide which one matches your preference and choice! So, here we go!

Eye makeup looks – When it comes to face makeup, the eye makeup looks top the list! The eye makeup looks include emphasizing the eyes in such a manner that any onlooker gets attracted mainly because of the alluring eyes. The professional makeup artists will use amazing makeup techniques for your eyes. They will make your eyes look smokey, wide awake or just any particular look that you crave for! From lashes to eyelids and from eyebrows to eye corners, your well defined eyes will speak volumes for you.



Simple makeup looks – Simple makeup looks are one of the most preferred choices for women who want to stay elegant and look beautiful in their own unique way. The simple makeup looks require shades, cosmetics, and products that enhance your beauty in a natural looking style. These looks give you an amazingly captivating look and that too in a natural style! Using a light blush natural colored blush, nude lipstick, and transparent mascara, the simple makeup looks will never give you a look and feel of being overdone in makeup!


Wedding makeup looks – While other makeup categories are used often now and then, the wedding makeup looks are demanded obviously during the time of wedding ceremonies. Whether you are going to be the bride or just a guest at the wedding, the wedding makeup looks to give you the right choices in makeup for the occasion. Often the dark shade lipsticks, deep eyeliners, shimmers, and glitters are used in this type of makeup. However, it is quite important to mention here that it is not essential to go by the set rules. If you do not want to carry a bright and bold look, you can always talk to your beautician and can share your personal choices of makeup with him or her.

Easy makeup looks – Just as the name suggests, the easy makeup looks to consist of some easy ways that help you do your makeup in the easiest of ways. These looks can be achieved through a witty choice of makeup strokes like applying a quick crème foundation, using a pencil eye-liner, using a roll-on lip gloss, applying an eye brow pencil and few more wonderful techniques that save your time and give you great results in easiest possible makeup ways!


Cute makeup looks – In this category of makeup, the cheeks and eyes are covered mainly. There are different ways of getting the cute makeup looks. An important point related to cute makeup looks is that the beauticians often suggest using few cute and pretty accessories along with this particular makeup form. Cute makeup looks majorly consist of light blush, curled eyelashes with a thin coat of mascara, loose face powder, and a baby pink lip color. Ensure that you are not using too much blush or mascara to get a girlish look. Sometimes, using too much of these makeup products can result in awkward or fake looks. Hence, the key factor while getting cute makeup looks is to use the beauty products in a very less quantity.


Gold makeup looks – This category of makeup is meant to serve those women who love a golden touch in their facial makeup looks. Using a stunning and impactful gold eye makeup, and overall gold makeup, the gold makeup looks to make a freehand use of shimmers and golden color. The eyelids are done in golden eye shadow while the cheeks are dusted with golden glitter. The lips are also made extra lustrous during this makeup form. The golden makeup looks are mostly donned by celebrities and stage performers who often remain in the limelight. It is also one of the favorite makeup looks of singers who perform in front of the public during open concerts.


Bridal makeup looks – Who does not know about the popular bridal makeup looks? Well, this may be the last category on our list of popular makeup forms, but it is no lesser than other categories in any way. It is a look that remains in demand all across the world. The choices and techniques may vary a bit worldwide under the bridal makeup look category. But the common fact all across the world is that every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. That’s why the bridal makeup looks, to begin with, a detailed discussion with a beautician. From the color of dress to the kind of jewelry that the bride is planning to wear is taken into consideration while planning for bridal makeup. The proficient makeup professionals also check the skin tone and texture of the bride so that the right products can be used accordingly.


We hope that you are now enlightened with the knowledge on various popular makeup looks. Just check at which makeup looks will match your features, style and of course, your attitude! If you are confused for taking a decision on this issue, you can always take advice and discuss with a beauty professional. He or she will brief you that which makeup looks will suit you best. However, for the specific makeup modes like the ‘bridal makeup looks or wedding makeup looks, you need to wait for the right time and occasion.