20 Things Girls Who Are Dating Sailors Will Understand

7:00 pm 26 May, 2015


Dating a sailor might sound interesting and fascinating but it has its own hazards. There are many struggles a sailor goes through and so does their near and dear ones. But there are pros, too.

1. You never get enough time with him.

As soon as he gets free and finally some time for you, it’s time for him to go sailing again. You spending some quality time with him is quite rare.


2. Network is always a barrier.


Since sailors are in the middle of nowhere most of the time, it’s almost impossible to remain in contact with them as there obviously won’t be network in the middle of a vast ocean.


3. They are sea foodie!

They are simply used to eating sea food even if it’s not their favourite and they will continue to eat sea food even if you don’t like it.


4. They are the story teller.

Since they are sailing most of the time and experience a hell lot of things, once they are back they are just waiting to tell you everything. And there is nothing much you can do than listen patiently.


5. Lonely birthdays and parties.

You might have to celebrate your birthday without him as he also can’t help it. So you might end up having lonely birthdays, celebrations and parties and there might be situation where you can’t even connect to him because of the network issues which is even worse.


6. You start comparing and over thinking.

One might start comparing their relationship with those of others even if they aren’t dating a sailor and wonder if you are doing it right.


7. He’s practically not there for you always, but it’s not his fault either.

Due to certain circumstances he might not be able to be there for you when you need him, but unfortunately it’s not under his control.


8. Holidays are meant to be spent on beaches or surfing.

Since they know innumerable beautiful beaches and surfing spots, they are sure to take you to these places even if you wish to go any of the hill stations or go trekking on the mountains.


9. Your friends can’t understand you in this situation.

Such type of a long distance relationship is even difficult for them to understand as they don’t know what you experience.


10. You might feel out of place.

When he invites you to go out for a party with him you might feel out of place with all his sailor friends and colleagues discussing the various sail experiences they had.


11. He talk about quirky places he has been and you be like “Why are you so adorable?”


12. Unique gifts from across the globe are a treat.

A ring from Dublin or maybe?


13. When you look at them in their uniform, you kinda feel proud that you are dating them.


14. He sends you photos of working on his new engine, the deck or in those typical uniforms.


15. “Saat Samunder paar mein tere piche piche aagayi” is actually your song!



16. They are so hot and disciplined that one will almost die out of hotness.


17. Dates are all dreamy and thoughtful.

Ah! he is so knowledgeable.


18. There is no frequent talking happening. But whenever it is the experience is different, very different.


19. They give you that sailor cap to wear and you feel all good in seconds! It is one of the things you always want to do.


20. They are so tall and handsome, when they hug you, your body is covered in their arms.




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