20 Things Only Girls Who Are Trying To Lose Weight Will Relate To

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Updated on 7 Mar, 2016 at 11:51 pm


Half the battle is won when you make up your mind to lose weight, but the other half is an uphill mammoth task! And if you have been a fat girl all your life, then don’t expect the world to understand. They are equally fed up of your new diet regimes. But we are not going to discourage you, instead we’ll empathize with you, because we perfectly understand what you are going through. How many of you go through the following:


1. When you wear a body hugging dress, the whole evening you keep checking the bulges and keep pulling the dress down.

The self-consciousness ruins your evening.


2. You have to control yourself when you get invitations to three course dinners and lavish parties.


3. You hate the sight of thin girls in skimpy dresses; the anger gets out of control.


4. You get a strange and unexplained aversion to leaves and salads.

Some days you have to push them down your throat.


5. Birthday parties are the worst! You have to vanish before the cake is offered to you.


6. You unfriend the friends who give you the opening line: “Moti kya haal chaal?

If they can’t help in the process, they are not your true friends.


7. Changing the DP on Facebook is like a strategic task!

What if the wrong picture with a bad angle gets posted?


8. You refuse to wear fitted clothes and keep hiding the weight loss behind baggy clothes.

It’s a lame effort to convince yourself that the clothes are getting loose and there’s no point showing it to cold-hearted friends.


9. Green tea, black tea and black coffee become your best friends.

They come to your rescue every time you are about to fail.


10. For the first time in your life, you scan the alcohol charts before having a drink.

You obviously need to stay within your calorie intake level.



11. If you really need to go out, you don’t even look at the menu.

You can only order the salad and soup anyway.


12. You spend more time on the weighing scale than applying lipstick.

The progress is your top most priority.


13. You have to accustom yourself to the word ‘exercise’!


14. You refuse all offers for late night ice creams, gulab jamuns and jalebis.

You just won’t be able to resist them!


15. It breaks your heart when you have to refuse the aloo ka paranthas your mom made.

Mom, please don’t make it worse.


16. Nobody knows, but you had actually hogged on junk food for a month before going on the diet.

Saying goodbye was the worst!


17. You have spent hours on Google, looking for tips to lose weight in a week or a fortnight or a month!


18. Sweat becomes your middle name!

You start sweating day and night, sometimes in your sleep too.


19. You start hating the girls who say: “No matter what I eat, I never put on a pound!”

They are the world’s biggest liars.


20. Festivals have no meaning for you anymore. You cannot eat the barfis, kheer, laddoos or gujias.