Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys? These 11 Points Will Explain It To You

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10:00 am 18 Feb, 2015

Women are known to have an attraction for the bad guys. To the extent that many women date and marry prisoners (even those on death row) who are accused of vicious crimes. But why is this the case?

1. Glamour

If the man has a bad reputation, that means that he is well-known and talked about; this gives him a celebrity-hood in the eyes of women. By being in a relationship with him, they feel like they’re living a glitzy life.

2. Feeling wanted

Since bad boys are never shy of making the first move, they can make females feel like they are desirable creatures. Whereas a nice guy will probably hesitate and feel shy, a more daring one will never hesitate to go after what he wants.

3. Low self-esteem

If a woman doesn’t believe that she should get anything good in life, then she will opt for a man who treats her like she thinks she deserves. An inconsiderate man will use and abuse her, which is exactly what she feels she’s deserves.

4. Violence by proxy

Often, women who faced violence in their relationships have been in a helpless situation. Since they were unable to fight back, they are attracted by the man’s ability to commit a serious crime, like murder.

5. Sexual selection

A bad guy projects the image of being strong and in control, the alpha male. This is what women are subconsciously tuned to look for – a man who will bear good offspring and take care of his family.

6. Attracted to danger

Some women get an adrenaline rush when they are in dangerous situations. When they’re in a relationship with a criminal then it’s a relatively safer bet for them because they’re not in actual physical danger.

7. Religious duty

Women who are very religious can feel like it is their duty to not only help out but also to try and reform a bad boy. Such relationships are often based on a very intense emotional attraction.

8. Hybristophilia

This is a condition when a person is sexually aroused by violence. Women with this condition often send pornographic pictures of themselves to prisoners or do other things that court danger.

9. Role reversal

Men in prison take the more passive role in a relationship. They write letters and poems or make phone calls to the women, while the women pay their legal fees and offer a connection to the outside world.

10. Long courting stage

When dating a prisoner or a criminal, women don’t get to spend too much time with them so the initial courting stage and getting to know each other (the fun part) take longer, which is more romantic.

11. Solidarity

Women who have experienced sadness and pain can feel empathy for bad guys who they think exhibit the same emotions. It is a case of two hurt people clinging to each other as means of hope for the future.

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