Girls Driving Scooties Threatened By Posters Seen Across Kashmir

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6:08 pm 1 Aug, 2016

In controversial posters, that were seen across Kashmir recently, girls who ride on Scooties were threatened by an organisation that attributes itself to Sangbaaz Association Jammu and Kashmir, Azad Kashmir.


The group in an association of stone-pelters and posters have surfaced around the Lal Chowk area in Srinagar.


Representational Image Kashmir Newz

Representational Image Kashmir Newz

The poster has issued a chilling warning to girls, that they should not be seen riding a Scooty, or they will face immolation.

According to reports, the poster has been written in a mix of English and Urdu and says:

“We request all girls, please do not use Scooty. If we see a girl riding Scooty, we will burn the Scooty as well as the girl.”

The state police meanwhile have gone into an overdrive so as to track down the people who are behind these posters.


Though according to  SJM Gillani, Inspector General, Kashmir Zone Police, just one such poster has surfaced. The police are now examining the poster so as to determine if they should take legal action against the person who posted it.

The poster reportedly also named some shopkeepers and banks to shut down immediately or face consequences.

Since July 9, Kasmir has been in a state of unrest with frequent clashes breaking out in different parts of the valley.


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