17 Ways In Which Girls Are Way, Way, Way Better Than Guys

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8:00 pm 2 Jul, 2015

I am proud to be a girl and there is no instance I feel that I shouldn’t be reborn as one. Here are just a couple of things that makes us adorable, the list could have had infinite points. Boys, this will definitely make you feel more proud of your girl and girls, you have many reasons to be glad about.

1. They prefer keeping their rooms spic and span.


2. Girls are far more mature even at a tender age.


3. They show more conviction when it comes to studies.


4. They are definitely more punctual.


5. Girls just talk their problems out to seek comfort, a reason why they can get over a break-up easily.


6. They can multitask easily.

Handling kids and work together is made to look easy by them.


7. They are very particular about having good handwriting.


8. Girls prefer staying organized and keeping things in order.


9. Girls can handle the stress of a job interview.

This is in fact proven by a research conducted by University of Western Ontario.


10. Girls play their role of daughters to the best, something no other relationship can beat.


11. They have more foresight.

Girls, no wonder, think a lot about how to better things and invest wisely.


12. They can style themselves for any occasion.

If it’s a party, they let their hair down, but if it’s a family function they are sure to give you a surprise.


13. They have a high tolerance level.

You can put that to test; of course if you go in extremes, be ready to face the brunt of anger.


14. Girls adjust to any circumstance easily.


15. They are more compassionate.

God made her a little more sensitive than you.


16. Girls tend to be great agony aunts.

Always ready to lend their ear and shoulder.


17. They crave for improvement.

Always on the road of learning.




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