This Satire Take On Marital Rape In India Is Sour Reality Served In A Glass Of Virgin Mojito

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7:31 pm 18 May, 2016


Marital rape in India is the one of the most common offences yet barred from legally being called one.

‘Girliyappa’ has dared to take this conversation to YouTube and family living rooms with a stirring satirical video on the shallow perception of marital rape in India.

The web episode depicts the conventional reactions of a typical Indian family when a daughter comes home with the complaint of having been raped by her husband everyday.

As it is, the concept of marital rape in India does not exist. It lies enveloped in terms like “intense love-making” and “selfish women looking for empowerment”.



The video is shot with old-school American sitcoms’ background laughter and clap scores.

The intensity of the conversation does carry the risk of being diluted in sarcasm, but nevertheless, it gives a wake-up call to snoring patriarchal and misogynist society.


Right from an insensitive chacha and mausa to aloof mausi and mummy, the video succeeds in delivering the impact it intends to.

The upsetting conclusion is bright and happy according to Indian standards and in many ways it rings a bell in the way things have been prevalent in the country.


The victim is victimized and with guilt admits her fault while the man becomes the innocent authority. The annoyance of the younger sister also brings a question as to what shall we expect for the future daughters getting married?

Watch the video as it leaves you in splits and wrecks your heart.