17 Painful Experiences Every Girl With Curly Hair Knows Too Well

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12:00 pm 7 Dec, 2015

Got curly hair? Surely girls with curly hair get many compliments for how good the locks look. But only someone with curly hair will know the exact feelings of having a clump of shrubby hair on the head, right?

Yes curls look gorgeous. But curly hair has its own mind.

We just can’t predict how it behaves in the morning or when we’re getting ready for a party. Almost every day, we go through some disdainful curly hair experience, a few of which are mentioned below:

1. On hot and humid days, this is how our hair looks.


2. No matter how much we like those bangs, it’s never a good idea to have them.


3. Spend as much time as we wish on straightening those curls, it just doesn’t do the trick.


4. It takes a full day for curly hair to dry every time we wash them.


5. We seem to be shedding more hair than an average human, and it seems like we’re going bald with every hair wash.


6. We spend a big chunk of our salary on hair products, ranging from oils, shampoos, anti-fizz products to anything that can tame the curls.


7. We envy every girl with silky straight hair and wish we could make them disappear from the face of earth.


8. People love touching our hair and playing around with it, like we belong to a petting zoo.


9. We can never find out the actual length of our hair.


10. Sometimes, we are just surprised by the things that come and rest inside our bush.


11. We think we are really the people who know what it’s like to have frizzy hair.


12. We can never think about getting layers in our hair, no matter how much we love them on others.


13. The only way of keeping our hair look tidy is tying those curls into a bun.


14. How we can’t stop frowning at people when they complement on our hair, but not our original curly hair, our straightened curls.


15. When we see someone else with curly hair, we suddenly realize how our own hair looks.


16. We hate going for a haircut for even the hair dressers are baffled with our curls.


17. There are only a few, very few days in the year when our curly hair looks super gorgeous!

Those are our happiest days of the year!


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