The Viral Video Of This Girl Pretending To Sleepwalk Is The Cutest Thing You Will See Today

3:44 pm 8 Apr, 2018


Social media is filled with videos of babies, cats, puppies and everything cute. The internet is a wonderful place where we can share our best moments and can get famous. Growing influence of social media is helping us to stay connected with people from all over the world.



People regularly share cute videos of their infants and toddlers. One such video of the cutest baby girl ever trying to outwit her father is getting viral all over the internet.




In the video, the girl is seen using her phone past her bedtime. As soon she hears her father coming, she hides her phone inside the blanket and runs in the sweetest manner to turn off the lights.

Her father comes inside the room, turns on the lights and checks if she is okay and sleeping. After checking on her, he turns off the lights and goes out of the room. But wait there is a twist!



Thinking that her father has left the room, she jumps out of the bed to turn on the lights again. As soon as she turns on the lights, she realizes that her father is still there and has caught her red-handed. Within seconds, she comes up with a back-up plan and pretends to sleepwalk in the most adorable manner.


Take a look at the video:




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