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10 Signs To Notice Before Asking Your Girlfriend To Marry You

Published on 22 September, 2015 at 5:40 pm By

Yes, you know she is the one for you. You have found the love of your life. But the confusion is to know whether she wants to marry you or not. No problem. Here is the list of hints she can drop to make her ‘yes’ understandable for you.



1. If her ‘I’ becomes a ‘we’

Her conversation will not be self-centered. She will talk about her future plans that include you. It becomes a clear cut ‘Yes’ when she starts keeping this relationship in mind while planning for the future. She will talk about the kind of house you both will have, honeymoon places she wants to visit, etc.


2. If  she starts talking about ‘kids’

Well, this is a most sensitive topic even for newlyweds. But if you get to hear that you will be a great dad, just understand that she wants to have kids with you. Of course she wants to marry you!


3. If she is involving parents in your relationship

Just kneel down and ask her for marriage the moment she says she wants to meet your parents or wants to introduce you to her dad. It’s time to get serious because she is totally interested.



4. If she shares her thoughts regarding marriage

Girls are always fascinated with the word ‘marriage’. If she start giving you knowledge regarding the kind of dress she wants to wear, the type of venue she wants the marriage to happen in, bro, you should propose now!


5. If she starts complimenting newlyweds

If every other day you will get to see a newlywed’s picture stating how cute they look together, asking them where went for honeymoon and other information about them, this means she is interested.


6. If she tells you about the compliments people give after seeing you both together

“You know my friends say we make such a lovely couple together!” – this line is an ultimate hint of her being interested in marrying you. She is trying to let you know her interest in you. it’s time!


7. If she start spending over your family members

Girls generally are interested in shopping for themselves, but when they start showing love and care towards your family members it means she is trying to accept them.


8. If she says she wants to have a joint account with you

If she thinks there is no need of keeping track of financial transactions separately, she wants to merge her income with you. She wants to save for a future with you. That means she is seeing her future with you.


9. If she feels concerned about your jobs, tensions, and anxiety

She has started showing an interest in your life. She is no more a girlfriend. She has started dreaming about becoming your life partner.


10. If you have become the center of her being


She is showering endless affection and complements on you. She wants to talk to you all the time. She wants to know where you are and what you are doing. You have become her world and she wants to live her life with you.

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