This Is How A 10-Year-Old Girl Saved Her Father’s Life

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5:09 pm 13 Apr, 2016


A 10-year-old brave girl, Rashi, saved the life of her father who tried to commit suicide.

The girl kept her cool amid the crisis and remembered what she saw in metro advertisements.


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She said that she was very scared when her father started pouring kerosene on himself. Though she was not sure of the help, she dialled ‘100’.

“My mother was crying incessantly and I did not know what to do. Suddenly ,I remembered a Metro advertisement that citizens could approach police for help by dialling 100,” she said.



She dialled 100 DNA

She dialled 100

At first, police thought it was a prank, but duty-bound, they went to the said address.

When they reached the girl’s house, they found the victim, 37-year-old businessman Rajeev Khanna, was lying smouldering and a mother and daughter were weeping inconsolably .


Because of Rashi’s call, her father got quick medical aid and was saved.

Khanna has suffered 40% burns but is likely to survive -all. Her mother, Shikha, said:

“She displayed exemplary presence of mind and courage. But the sight of her father trying to commit suicide has left her in shock. We have moved her to a relative’s place to recover.”


Rashi, who studies in Calcutta Public School, showed immense courage.

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