Power Of Social Media: Four-Year-Old Reunited With Her Family Within 20 Minutes

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4:01 pm 17 May, 2016


 A four-year-old girl Avani Jain got lost at the Nagpur railway station recently. But, with the help from social media, within 20 minutes, she was reunited with her family.


The Railway Police official shared Avani’s photo on their WhatsApp messages and Facebook posts. Soon, the photo went viral and spread to nearly 200 whatsapp groups within minutes.


The photo went onto a social media group ‘Amche Nagpur’ and Avani’s uncle and her relatives came to know that she was with the railway police.


After that Avani’s family was traced and she was reunited with her mother Sunaina Jain and her relatives.


“Social media has been a powerful factor and the photo was tagged with the railway ministry, which also saw the Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu, respond to us by stating that he was glad that Avani was found,” Shanky Jain, uncle of Avani, told Indian Express.