This Lady Is Trying To Help A Man Who Rescued Her In Mumbai Rains By Finding A Job For His Relative

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2017 at 8:12 pm


The city of Mumbai was gripped by torrential rains on August 29. The streets were waterlogged and waist-deep water had made movement of traffic impossible. Thousands of people were stranded in different parts of the city and even those at home were struggling with the woes of heavy rain. The trouble and chaos was at its peak as rain did not seem to stop any time soon.



In the middle of it all were a few spirited men and women who did all they could to help the people reach their homes or at least stay safe wherever they can be.

One of the noble human beings on that day was a cab driver who helped a girl named Shikha Sharma to reach her home safely even as the city was submerged in water.


After Shikha left office around 2:45 p.m on August 29, she got completely drenched in rain while looking for a ride. After around 15 minutes, a cab driver who already had someone seated in his car’s front seat agreed to drop her home. The journey to Shikha’s home continued for 5-6 hours as there were heavy traffic issues in the waterlogged roads.


A cab driver helped Shikha Sharma in Mumbai rain and she wants to pay back by finding a job for his relative Facebook

As Shikha started getting calls from her family and well-wishers, the cab driver told her to inform them that she will reach home safely at any cost. And the man lived up to his promise.

Touched by the cab driver’s gesture and caring attitude, Shikha decided to do something to help the man. Safe at home, she recalled that the cab driver was talking about the man sitting in the front seat of the car.

During the journey, while talking to him, Shikha learnt that the man sitting in the front seat of the cab was the driver’s relative who had come to Mumbai a few days ago in search of a job. He is a computer operator and is in search of a job that pays him anything more than Rs.10000 a month.

So the kind young woman took to Facebook and sent out a post asking people to help the man by reaching out to him if they come across a suitable job opportunity.

29th August 2017 is a day that I’ll never forget, for some not-so-great but majorly great reasons.
I left from my workplace at around 2:45 pm, got drenched in the rain, searched for an Auto, tried booking Ola/Uber (trains weren’t working anyway). By 3 pm, a cab driver who already had someone sitting in the front seat, stopped, probably felt sorry for me and agreed to drop me home. On talking to him, I realized that he stayed around Bandra and was in the area to run a personal errand and the young man seated in the front seat was a relative. What started at 3 pm was a journey that continued for a good 5-6 hours! We were slowed down by signals that refused to turn green, highways and service roads that seemed unapproachable, traffic that moved at a glacial pace and knee-deep water that had all the potential to damage his vehicle.
Not once did this man, flip, complain or ask me to walk my way to the destination. I kept receiving calls from loved ones and everyone else who’d seen my previous status update. He watched me answer the calls and said, “Madam, gharwalo ko bata do aap theek thaak pohoch jaoge. Main aapko kaise bhi ghar chodke rahunga. Ab gaadi main sabse surakshit ho.” He lived upto his word, braved the hurdles on the way and dropped me till Andheri by 8:30 pm at the cost of ruining his vehicle and being stuck on his way back home.
I wish I could have paid the driver more than I did or express my gratitude in some way. Hence, I’m resorting to social media to try my luck. During the journey he talked to me about how his relative seated in front has come from the village and is looking for a job. The guy is in his early 20s and was a computer teacher in his village. He is seeking a job in the city as a computer operator. His name is Manoj Kumar and his contact number is: 9********2. Expected salary is Rs 10k+.
They probably don’t know/remember my name but I did assure him that he will receive a call whenever anything comes up. If you know of anyone/any organization that needs a computer operator, please reach out to him. And in case you don’t, please share this status with the people in your friend list 🙂 Any kind of referencing will be appreciated.

Her post was received with praises and many offered to help:


The power of social media in today’s world is not unknown to us. But for Shikha, the cab driver and his relative, whose name is Ashok Kumar, social media might prove to be actually powerful if the young man is able to find a job through the post.


We wish all three of them good luck!


Note: The phone number of the man has not been disclosed here for the sake of privacy.

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