20 Things Every Girl Has To Face On The First Day Of Work In India

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10:00 am 28 Nov, 2015


Do we really live in a democratic country where men and women are given equal power and opportunities? A woman, whether fat or slim, needs to face tribulations in every step she puts forward towards success. You can actually experience the real face of India, when it is the first day of your job and you are completely blank. Have a look at few things which every girl in India has to face on her first day at work.


1. People want to scan you from top to bottom and you question yourself, ‘Am I special’?


2. Girls want to gossip about your fashion sense and looks.



3. About boys! They just want a chance to know your name and get your mobile number.


4. People want to discuss, guess, interpret and evaluate from which State you come.


5. Your bosses just want to bombard you with work and work.


6. As soon as they know your name, they want to search you on Facebook and have a look at your social life!


7. That feeling you get when you meet a person who belongs to same caste or state.


8. You are often interrupted in between work by your bosses and team leaders.


9. People forget your name and address you with a similar sounding name!

Sheena, right? Absolutely wrong! It’s Tina.


10. People around you want to judge you by your initial behavior.


11. You try to make friends and they think, ‘Flirt kar rahi hai‘.


12. The confusing moment when you want to talk about work and they think you have a bad attitude.


13. Some annoying people want to join you just to make fun of you.


14. People purposely cross your desk just to see who is the new girl in office.


15. That awkward situation when you want to rush to the loo but you just sit and try to control it.


16. If your boss is a lady, she will take your case worse than a male boss.

A lady wants to prove her superiority over any other lady.


17. Some dim-witted people start matching making in the office!


18. Finally, you meet some kind and gentle people who are always there to guide you with the work.


19. One set of people will try asking you about your salary either outright or subtly.


20. You meet those people who start bitching about your boss and make you think, ‘Welcome to hell’.



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