Girl Caught A Man Filming Her On Train, Women’s Safety Hit Another Low

Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 4:32 pm

With prying men not sparing a single spot for women to feel safe, it is an ugly truth that women safety has become a joke. The most dangerous of this deplorable species is the one that works stealthily. It is difficult to identify the perverts who sit and walk around degrading your existence to their shameful intentions.

One such pervert was successfully identified by Uma Mageswari, an Indian origin Singapore citizen, when she boarded the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). She recorded a video of this incident where a man sitting on the opposite side started filming her. Uma thought intelligently and collected proof of his lecherous intentions.

Luckily, the MRT staff reached the spot and helped the girl. On investigating, he refused to admit his crime. Upon searching his phone, many more videos of obscene nature were found. Uma took it upon herself to fight against the breach of her personal space. She also made a Facebook update informing and requesting people to be careful of such hideous men.