This Girl Asked A Guy Out For A Date But Went Terribly Wrong, Decided Never To Ask Anyone Again

4:32 pm 17 Apr, 2018


In our kind of society, I mean in India, many feel that it is not good or right for a girl to ask a guy out for a date. They think it to be a taboo. But tell me who says or where it is written that it is not good or right for a girl to ask a guy out. Nobody and nowhere has ever written about it. Yes, it is completely okay and normal for a girl to ask a guy out for a date. There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, many girls are just doing it. And so why can’t you?

However, in doing so, many girls, for that even boys, come across certain unexpected consequences which often leave some embarrassed and others to live in regret for the rest of their lives.

And one such girl is a Twitter user, named Anjali, who asked her boyfriend out for a date on WhatsApp chat but went terribly wrong and decided herself never to ask anyone out for a date again. This is what she has posted on her Twitter handle:



Posting the above conversation with her boyfriend, which ended up in funny misunderstanding, Anjali posted another tweet to make people understand better about her post.

And this is what she tweeted in continuation of her original post:



However, her tweets “about the apparent misfortunes of my love life”, as she claimed in her another tweet, ended up with hilarious reactions from the Twitter users after she shared the conversation she had with her boyfriend on her Twitter handle.

Following are some of the interesting reactions of people on her ‘apparent misfortunes of my love life’ post.


Without knowing when?






Remember this the next time you ask again.



You are right.



Really, he should have, LOL.



It’s not like that.



She couldn’t be smart like you.









Is it?







True, as someone has rightly said, sometimes it gets like that.

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