Union Minister Giriraj Singh Says Two-Kid Norm In India Will Keep Hindu Daughters Safe

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11:44 am 21 Apr, 2016

Union Minister Giriraj Singh wants India should enforce two-child norm for all religions. According to him, this will help in keeping ‘Hindu daughters’ safe.


While speaking at a cultural rally in Bihar, the BJP MP from Nawada, said:

“Hindus should have two sons, Muslims, too, should have two sons. Our population is coming down. Bihar has seven such districts where our population has gone down. Population rules have to be changed, only then will our daughters be safe.”



The minister further said India would now ‘lose Bharatvarsha’ (ancient name of India) if the population policy was not reworked immediately.

Singh, who seems to be too worried about increase in Muslim population, appealed to sadhus and saints to continue cultural yatra all year round.



Earlier also, Giriraj has made absurd comments.

In 2014, during a rally in Jharkhand in the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, he had said that those criticising Narendra Modi should be sent to Pakistan.

Last year, he had said that because Rajiv Gandhi married a fair-skinned Sonia Gandhi instead of a Nigerian woman, the Congress party accepted her as its leader.




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