BJP’s Giriraj Singh Attacks Sonia Gandhi’s Skin Color – What’s Wrong With Our Politicians?

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Updated on 7 Sep, 2017 at 3:36 pm

Forget the BJP, Congress, SP, JDU, etc. nonsense for a bit. The absolute rubbish that senior Indian politicians spout from time to time is just god-awful to behold. This time it’s BJP’s Giriraj Singh’s turn to horrify us.

Singh is shown on video footage wondering if Rajiv (Gandhi) had married a Nigerian -if Sonia Gandhi did not have white skin -would the Congress party have made her the chief.

Not only does Singh reduce a person to their skin color, he also reveals  his own bias (and probably a larger Indian bias) against dark skin. This is the same politician who advised all those who opposed Modi to go live in Pakistan because there was no place for them in India.

It’s a shame that instead of our politicians being our role models, their loyal supporters spend time excusing their inappropriate behavior and out-of-touch statements.

What will happen now? Nothing. This will die down and some other politician will make some other statement which will attack some section of society or show them in a bad light. And there will be an uproar for a few days, then we’ll forget about it. Because demanding that politicians stop behaving like complete asses is too much hard work.

These nasty-spirited and ill-informed buffoons will continue to be our representatives. Because we’re shocked enough to talk about it but not enough to demand change.