Twitter Applauds Adult Porn Star’s Savage Reply When Pervert Sent Her Obscene Picture

Updated on 28 Nov, 2018 at 2:54 pm

If you though the worst thing you can do is harass a woman, we have seen many cases in social media with perverts hovering like wild wolves, waiting to pounce on unexpected victims. Sometimes, the matter only comes to light when there’s a famous celebrity has the guts to speak up. These unwarranted perv attacks are sexism against women at its worst. However, some woman’s savage reply is all that is needed to put an end to all of this. That woman is Ginger Banks.

Before Ginger Banks, many women have been sexually harassed. Like Brazillian Model and actress, Bruna Abdullah, not every woman’s savage reply becomes the talk of town. In a recent ‘Ask Me Anything’ questionnaire on Instagram, she had this to reply:



Even Ramayana actress Mahika Sharma was targeted for sexual harassment on social media for posing in skimpy dresses, but the FIR’s actress gave it back in this Instagram post:



This time, adult entertainer Ginger Banks was the target, but this woman’s savage reply was totally unexpected. Ginger Banks is a known star in the porn industry and has over 96K followers on Instagram!



Have a look at this bespectacled adult star:





Ginger recently shared a screenshot of her famous ‘chat’ with a pervert who sent her his dick pics. he captioned it “My new response every time I get an unsolicited dick pick.”



To read the woman’s savage reply, click the Twitter link below:



Not just the caption, but even Giner Bank’s savage reply got all praises from fellow female followers. They all felt the same emotions and you can read some of their comments below:


This Banana reference:



A big fan:



That’s genius:



Men need to know this:



That expression says it all!



Meryl Streep backs you!



Women like Ginger Banks surely know how to respond back to perverts and this gives everyone hope. What did you think of her reply? Tell us in the comments.