16 Stunning Gifts Made From Meteorites That Make Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts

9:00 pm 12 Feb, 2016

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you must be struggling hard, thinking what to buy for your loved one. If you’re looking for something special and different this time, remember meteorites are the new chocolates. Below is a list of gifts ranging from delicate jewelry to uncommon accessories made from meteorites you can consider giving to your special someone this Valentine’s Day.


1. Sterling Silver Swirly Meteorite Bracelet

Both funky and elegant, this sterling silver meteorite bracelet will display your true self with style.



2. Shooting Star Meteorite Earrings

Made from shooting stars, these unusual earrings are a great gift, perfect for the day.



3. Gibeon Meteorite Key-chain

A pretty token, this Gibeon meteorite key-chain is worthy to hold the keys to the International Space Station.



4. Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite

An actual meteorite, this Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite can be used as a good luck charm.



5. Meteorite Solitaire Ring

If you’re looking for a simple ring for your special someone on Valentine’s Day, this unique piece is a perfect one.



6. Meteorite Guitar Pick

This guitar pick from space can be a perfect gift for the stellar musician in your life.



7. Meteorite Fragment Necklace

With meteorite fragments inside of a tiny glass orb, this necklace can be showcased on any stargazer’s neck.



8. Forged Sterling Silver Meteorite Pendant

This heart-shaped pendant from space is a cool one and can be a perfect gift for the day.



9. Solid Silver Cufflinks Set With Real Iron Meteorite

With fragments from the real iron meteorite, make your special someone wear space on his/her sleeve.



10. Orbital Meteorite Bangles

What better way to shower your loved one this Valentine than with bangles from space?



11. Meteorite and Maple Ring

Made with wood and meteorite combination, this is a special ring for a special someone.



12. Odessa Meteorite in Blue

To make a space statement, this Odessa Meteorite necklace is a perfect option for the fashion forward space fan in your life.



13. Muonionalusta Meteorite Self Winding Watch

Watch the skies with a timepiece made from space rock.



14. Meteorite Folding Pocket Knife

An unusual piece, it is sure to be a hit for the stylish but deadly person in your life.



15. Meteorite Bead for Pandora Bracelets

Shower your loved one with a Pandora-style bracelet with a space charm in it.


16. Meteorite Studs

This Valentine’s Day, make your loved one’s ears happy with these delicate mixed-metal earrings.



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