9 Awesome Gifts For Kids Under Rs 5000 That You Can Buy For Children’s Day

Updated on 13 Nov, 2018 at 7:31 pm


A big shout-out to the ‘90s kids! Remember November 14 when we used to go to school and stand in front of Chacha Nehru’s picture to say a prayer? What followed was absolutely amazing! Packed with cool performances and delicious foods, Children’s Day was an occasion that was celebrated with total gusto. Naturally, now you are all grown up and busy slaving away in the office. However, there is still a chance to pass on that childhood excitement to the kids in your life. How? By showering them with amazing gifts. Let us be your friend and show you the golden treasure of amazing gifts for kids under 5000 INR.

From modern-age toys to educational kits, the list for gifts for kids under 5000 INR is filled with exciting products that you can explore.


1. Rt Soft Toys Big Giant Teddy Life Size


As a kid, I always hated teddy bears. Apparently, they were too ‘girly’ for me. However, later I realized that teddies can be the best pillow/ buddy that one can have. I am not kidding! What are the things that a teddy bear should have that makes it irresistible? Naturally, it should be cuddly and soft. This life-size toy seems to fit the bill. Available in different colors, this huggable and adorable toy is also washable. Certainly, it can serve as the perfect surprise for you kid this Children’s Day. From tiny toddlers to the budding kids, this is a gift they will love for sure.



Teddy bear, gifts for kids under 5000

₹ 2349


2. Baybee Range Rover Evoque Officially Licensed Push Car

Buying gifts for babies or toddlers are actually very tough. No, are no dearth of products but there are very few that provides the kind of safety you desire for your kid. This product is EN71 Certified. Wondering what is that? Well, it is the most stringent certification defined by European standards to ensure total safety for babies and toddlers. The steering is equipped with multiple musical options that keep your kid entertained. Alongside there is also storage space beneath the seat that ensures your kid is comfortable in this car. There are no batteries and has to be manually pushed. Made with durable plastic, it can withstand weight up to 15 kgs. Actually, I am looking for some gifts for kids under 5000 INR for my nephew and this seems like a nice choice.



Baby push car, gifts for kids under 5000

₹ 3499


3. Trinkets & More – 3D Magna Magnetic Blocks

Encouraging your kids for the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is no less than a herculean task. Hence, it is very important that you sow the seed of encouragement early. What’s a better way of doing that then presenting them with DIY kits? As for specifically this kit, it contains 78 pieces in total. With help of kits like these, you can encourage the creativity of your kid. It also helps in brain development and critical thinking. This particular product exhibits almost all the essential aspect of a kit perfect for sparking the love for STEM subjects in your kid. Besides, it’s safe and made from non-toxic material.



Magna magnetic blocks, gifts for kids under 5000

₹ 2499


4. The SweatShop Waveboard (Ripstick) With Carry Bag

I always get excited when I see someone surfing out in the sea. Isn’t it amazing! Amusingly, my nephew also shares the same excitement. Alas! Staying in a place that doesn’t have sea anywhere near, it’s sad to see that he will be missing out the fun of surfing. Especially when he is a total lover of skateboarding too! However, the waveboard comes as an easy solution for this intense problem. Though not in water, this skateboard with futuristic design actually combines the fun of surfing with skateboarding. It has two wheels instead of four but they can turn 360-degrees. Isn’t that cool? Also, the two traction plates are separated by rubber carrying handle. As for this particular product, it comes in a sleek design and one year warranty.



Waveboard or skateboard, gifts for kids under 5000

₹ 2499


5. Fancelite Black Wooden Harry Potter Music Box

Harry Potter is not just a character. It’s much more than that! For some, it’s a friend, for others inspiration. If your kid is madly in love with the Harry Potter world then what can be a better gift for him or her than something that perfectly captures the essence of the wizarding world? Highly decorative with intricate designing, this item is one such that portrays the enigma of the wizarding world. Measuring 2.5″ x 2.0″ x 1.75″, this piece is slightly smaller than a credit card and plays wonderful music. Do we recommend this gift? Well, if we consider gifts for kids under 5000 INR for upcoming Children’s Day then it is not a bad choice.



Harry Potter music box, gifts for kids under 5000

₹ 1225


6. Santwissen ST01 Smartwatch

Is a smartwatch an apt gift for a kid? Of course, it is. Be it the teenagers or the young adults, the purposeful and stylish items will win the heart of your kid for sure. So, what are the things that make a Smartwatch special? It should have a good resolution, GPS, SIM slot, stylish look, and impressive display. This product almost fulfills all the requirements.



Smartwatch, gifts for kids under 5000

₹ 3000


7. Gods Ghost Anti-Theft 22 Litre Premium Smooth Laptop Backpack

I carry a backpack to my office every day and so does my nephew to his school. There is no denying the fact that backpacks play an essential role in the modern day. Without one iota of exaggeration, most of us certainly carry our world in it. So, what can be a better gift for your young one this Children’s Day? Minimalistic and elegant design perfectly fits the mood of the teenagers and young adults. Also, it is filled with multiple compartments and has a snug fit. The best part is this type of bag is anti-theft. Filled with functionality, this is a type of bag your college or high-school goer kids will love. As for this particular product, it takes care of all the features of an anti-theft bag and comes with a warranty too.



Ghost anti-theft laptop backpack, gifts for kids under 5000

₹ 2449


8. Toyshine Big Size Transforming Remote Control Car Robot

This Lamborghini style transformer car will absolutely not fail to win the heart of your young one. It’s a car, it’s a robot, and it’s fun! Controlled by remote, it takes few seconds to transform from car to robot and back to car again. Also, you can command the robot to show you cool moves. Dynamic sound, fast functioning, and swift movement, your kid will absolutely love this product. Why? I know as I have recently purchased it.



Transforming remote control car, gifts for kids under 5000

₹ 2499


9. Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels cars have always been a fascination for the kids. The glistering metallic body and perfect working often entice not only the kids but adults too. Naturally, without putting a burden on your wallet, you can always opt for Hot Wheels cars if you are looking for gifts for kids under 5000 INR. This particular product is a crash track set that carries the signature of quality of the company. Made of high-quality material it contains 3 loops, 3 crash zones and 3 high-speed booster. Sounds exciting? Well, it is!




Hot wheels track set, gifts for kids under 5000

₹ 3797