15 Wacky Yet Touching Gifts You Can Give Your Mom On Mother’s Day

Updated on 11 May, 2015 at 5:40 pm


We would take and take from our moms forever if not for mother’s day. At least once in a year we stop to think what can we give to our Moms instead of taking something from them, right? Go ahead and tell her how much she means to you through a wonderful gesture. Flowers are the most popular and common gifts for Mother’s day. What is it that would make your mom feel special? What are the wackiest gifts you can give your mom on this Mother’s Day to make her smile or shed tears of joy? Let us check them out!

1. Heart Of Family

Make her feel special with a gift that says to her that she is the heart of your family. Make heart shapes out of two fingerprints involving all members of your family you can get it from. If someone is away and not accessible, they can send their hearts through post, which can be pasted to the canvass. Write their names below the heart. Frame it and present it to her on Mother’s Day.


2. Personal Bracelet


Engrave initials of every person in your family who is connected to your mom on beads. Make personal bracelet for your mom of these beads with a heart in the center that tells her that she is the string who holds everyone together.


3. Special Toiletries

Remember all those lovely showers your mom gave you? Give your mommy special bathing products/ toiletries basket that she wanted to buy but would not because they were expensive. Throw in some aromatic candles to pamper her and to make her bathing experience really special.


4. Clean Up

Nothing can cheer your mom more than finding the home sparkling clean. Surprise her with deep cleaning of your home to compensate for all the mess you left behind for her to clean in the past.


5. Surprise Visit

Empty nest is something every mother dreads but has to face when her children develop wings to fly towards their goal. Pay her a surprise visit to cheer her up on mother’s day. Everything else can wait when you want to say I love you to your mommy.


6. Dinner

Take your mom out for a lavish dinner which she can enjoy. Make sure you hire a luxury car, buy a great dress for her to wear and escort her there like a queen.


7. Cook A Meal

Your mom has struggled in the kitchen to perfect that dish you love so much. Show her how much you have perfected the skill by cooking it for her. Make sure you say, “No one cooks it like you Mom, but I try”.


8. Pot Of Memories

Decorate an earthen pot with hand drawn pictures of your best time together to relive those happy days once again.


9. Make An Announcement

If you have had a big break recently that would make your mom happy, do not reveal it her until Mother’s day. What would make her happier than to see her baby succeed?


10. Hot And Spicy

Get her spice garden pots for her kitchen so that she can have them handy. Moms love fresh spices and their babies.


11. Pendant

Make a clay pendant with your thumb impression. If you have siblings, include their thumb impressions as well. Call this the Mommy Medal. If you want to make it special, encase it in silver or gold. She is sure going to be excited to have a part of you near her heart.


12. BookMark

If you have saved any picture of your mom reading a book to you, make a personalized bookmark out of it for her. Mention how you treasure those stories you begged her read over and over again.


13. Hot Poster

Of course you know who the hunky dude your Mom admired was. Find a hot poster of her favorite star to go up on her wall. It will make her feel different in a happy way!


14. Write A Song

Write a song and sing it to her. Mention everything that makes her special for you. If there is someone who is going to admire your singing and writing skills, it is going to be your mother. Give it a shot.


15. Confess How Often She Was Right

It will be tough, but confess to your mom how often she was right and you were wrong. Nothing pleases her more than that. That is the ultimate gift you can give your mom on any day. Just priceless!




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