10 Bollywood Gifs That Aptly Define The Life Of A Single Man In India

5:35 pm 19 May, 2018


We can’t deny the fact that Indians are strong believers in the institution of marriage. Not just that, by culture and traditions, though not much nowadays, Indian parents love to marry off their sons and daughters at an early age, or once they reached the marriageable age. Interesting enough, those not willing to get married or who want to remain a little longer or delay their marriage are often pressured by family members and relatives. Worse, who don’t want to get married, both men and women, by their choice are often being stereotyped by the society.

In this article, we bring you a list of 10 interesting Bollywood gifs that aptly define the life of a single man in India. Take a look.

1. You don’t pay much attention to how you dress up.

Because you don’t have anyone to impress.



2. You’re tired of hearing your friends telling you how excited they are and how much they want you to be there at their wedding.

Whether its a card or just telephone call, you’re tired of hearing your friends telling you how excited they are to be engaged and how much they want you to be there at their wedding.


3. You spend most of your weekends pretty much with yourself.

Whenever any of your single friends are busy, you can’t persuade your engaged/married friend to hang out with minus his/her fiance/spouse. Wedding preparations keep them busy through the weekend, or with family commitments, you will probably never see them again.


4. You are tired of telling everyone why you are the only single person in your friend’s circle.

Many people, especially elderly ones, want to know why you’re the poor soul who’s being left out. You are tired of hearing or explaining everyone the reason, at times difficult to come up with an answer.


5. You often experience certain thoughts striking your mind when you see your friend walk down the aisle with his wife-to-be at his wedding.


6. Your parents are more insecure that you’re the only one left.

With or without your consent, there’s a matrimonial profile in your name and your parents are screening prospective bride day and night. But you are like:


Life of single man in India


7. When everyone wants to know when you’re getting hitched and you have no clue.


8. Sometimes you do ask yourself with certain hard to answer questions in life.

Where am I in life now? What do I want to do? Where do I want to go from here?


9. On a certain bad day, you really wish you had someone in your life.

You feel hugs and cuddles from someone special is all you need at times.


10. But you reaffirm and embrace singlehood every time.

You speak to yourself and convinced yourself again that, after all, being alone is not as bad a thing as society has made it out to be.




What do you say giving pressure to get married or settle down, or stereotyping someone who doesn’t want to is right in today’s culture?

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