Bhangarh Fort – 6 Things You Need To Know About India’s Most Haunted Place

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Bhangarh Fort is a historical memorial built by Raja Madho Singh in 1631. The fort is located in the primordial town of Bhangarh, which lies 40 km from Jaipur and is about 300 km from Delhi. For centuries, the fort has been associated with several horror stories and is known as the most haunted place in India. So let’s explore some more unknown facts about the haunted Fort of Bhangarh.

6. The Doors of the Fort Are Locked After Dusk

According to different local folk stories, no one is allowed to enter the Bhangarh fort premises once the sun goes down. The locals of Bhangarh narrate several incidents where nomads or volunteers opted for a night stay in the fort, but never made a return from the fort the next morning. Therefore, strict restrictions have been imposed; you have to leave the fort premises before dusk. The main entrance to the fort is locked and remains out of harm’s way till the next morning.

Bhangarh Fort - The Doors of the Fort Are Locked After Dusk

Bhangarh Fort


5. The Fort Smells of Anxiety and Restlessness


Even though the fort of Bhangarh is a popular tourist attraction, it has no provision of electricity, which makes the ruins bloodcurdling and the truth behind the walls still remains uncharted. Surrounded by majestic hills of Aravali, the fort acts as a night shelter for different species of animals from the neighboring forests. Many ghost busters explain the sounds created by these wild animals in the fort as scary and evident enough to deny the occurrence of some paranormal activities. TheBhangarh fort has a Hanuman temple next to the main gate and several other temples that contradict with the idea that it houses supernatural powers.

Bhangarh Fort - Fort Smells of Anxiety and Restlessness

Bhangarh Fort

4. The legend of Princess Ratnavati and Singhia

Ratnavati was the princess of Bhangarh and was famed for her elegant beauty all across her own kingdom and the neighboring states. By the time the princess had turned 18, various matrimonial offers from different kingdoms came in a rush. Tempted by the beauty of Princess, Singhia, a black magician (Satanist) decided to lure the princess with his magical powers. So the magician thought to spellbind the princess; he cursed the oil made available by princess’s maid. However, princess recognized the trick and poured the oil on to the ground. The oil on ground turned into a rock and rolled towards the magician and crushed him. In his dying words, the magician cursed the town to death and no more rebirths. The curse showed its results in a war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh, where the princess was assassinated. However, some folk stories tell that the princess has taken a re-birth and the fort is waiting for her return and end the bloodthirsty curse.

Bhangarh Fort - Princess Ratnavati and Singhia

Bhangarh Fort

3. The curse of Guru Balu Nath and the Complex Houses of Fort with no Roofs

One of the most popular legends with Bhangarh Fort is the curse by Guru Balu Nath. Long before, King Madho Singh decided to establish his fort in Bhangarh, the area was the samadhi spot for Guru Balu Nath. The Emperor got the permission from Guru Balu Nath on a condition that the shadow of emperor’s palace shall never touch him at his forbidden retreat. In case the shadow pats over his place the city will be turned into ruins. The emperor started with his fort construction and with his strength and wealth, the fort mounted more stories and finally shadowed the forbidden retreat of Guru Balu Nath. As per the prophecy, the whole town was ruined and ever since then any house build in or around the cursed area faces a roof collapse.

Bhangarh Fort - curse of Guru Balu Nath

Bhangarh Fort

2. The advisory “Stay Away” notice by The Archeological Survey of India

The mystifying architectural ruins of Bhangarh Fort has a deep rooted connection with various legends and myths in the areas around the fort that are actually true to a great extend as per the locals. These myths attract tourists, ghost hunters, scientists from different corners of the world to witness something paranormal. Therefore, The Archeological Survey of India has placed an advisory notice board near the fort mentioning it as a strictly prohibited area and the place will remain closed after the sunset till the sunrise. Incase people are found trespassing the forbidden region trespassers will have to face strict legal actions under the archeological act of India.

Bhangarh Fort - Stay Away” notice


1. Many Stories Provide Evidences Of Paranormal Things In Bhangarh Fort


Although, the fort is regarded as a haunted place and is restricted during the after-hours, curious minds always try and witness something strange. Such is a story of two young guys from the neighboring district of Bhangarh, who decided to spend a night in the fort but never made a returned home. Similar to the tragic incident, a guy decided to visit the fort during the night with lighting equipment, but fell in a steep well located in the middle of the fort. Although he was rescued immediately by his friends, while he was being rushed to the hospital, the car got crushed in an accident and all three died on the spot. Even the locals observe the existence of supernatural powers in the area as real and believe that they stay protected due to the blessings from their gods for whom several temples have been built in the area.

Bhangarh Fort - ghost of bhangarh

Bhangarh Fort

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