RSS Claims 53 Tribal Families In Jharkhand Have Performed ‘Ghar Wapsi’

4:36 pm 12 Apr, 2017


RSS workers in Khunti district of Jharkhand claim that out of five villages which are dominated by tribal communities, 53 families have returned to their roots in the last one month.

The ‘ghar wapsi‘ drive has been gaining momentum in Jharkhand for the last few years.



According to Laxman Singh Munda, deputy president of Bhartiya Janata Party, Khunti, the tribes of the village were lured by Christian missionaries to change their religion.

The ‘ghar wapsi‘ campaign basically aims to bring the tribal people back to their roots. “You cannot call it conversion. We are only bringing our lost brothers and sisters back to their religion” said Munda.



Missionaries inaugurate a Church in Manoharpur, Jharkhand. Kingministries.blogspot

RSS workers claim that the campaign will continue till the end of this month and the villagers will soon come back to their roots.

But following accusations that the RSS is forcing the tribes to change their religion, Chief Minister Raghubar Das strictly warned anyone involved of serious action.

With the support of NGO Vanvasi Kalyan Kendra, RSS members have been going house-to-house to convince tribes about how Christian missionaries are luring and detaching them away from their roots.

Various public meetings have been held to convince the tribes.

According to the RSS workers, nobody was forced to attend shhudhikaran – the purification ceremony marking the return to Hindu religion – but were convinced trough meaningful conversations.


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According to Sarna tribal community’s religious leader Bandhan Tigga, the RSS is worried that if these tribes are converted to Christianity they would pose a threat to Hinduism. Tigga didn’t condemn the RSS campaign but said that conversions should not be forced.


The tribes have filed a petition to be recognised as a separate faith, being the ones who do not worship any religion but Mother Nature.

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