Ghana Govt Asks Mosques To Reduce Noise Pollution By Using WhatsApp Instead Of Loudspeakers

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4:29 pm 16 Apr, 2018


With an aim to curb noise pollution, the government authorities in Ghana want Muslims to use Whatsapp rather than loudspeakers for the call to prayer (adhan). The level of noise has reached a tumultuous level in Ghana.


Though this idea sounds impractical, the environment minister, Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, finds it feasible:

“Why is it that time for prayer cannot be transmitted with text message or WhatsApp? So the imam would send WhatsApp messages to everybody.”

The government believes this change will contribute to a reduction in excessive noise.


The Muslims communities are accepting this idea. They think that sending WhatsApp messages could result in economic implications. One of the members of the Muslim community says:

 “The imam is not paid monthly. Where would he get the money to be doing that? We try to practice what is possible. So the text message or any other message is not a problem. But I don’t think it is necessary.”

One Muslim resident pointed out that Christian churches, too, use loudspeakers. He says:

“I don’t find anything wrong with Muslims waking up at dawn and using the megaphone to call their people to come worship their god, because we have Christian churches who use megaphones as well, and they also preach at dawn.”


The Ghana government is planning to enforce more serious laws in order to quiet things down in Ghana.