GetYana, A WhatsApp-Based Service, Can Fulfil All Your Daily Needs Without You Stepping Out Of Your Home

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7:17 pm 14 Jul, 2015

I often wonder how nice it would be to let some WhatsApp service handle all my daily needs – quite like a Genie! It is exactly this thought that made Rahul Gupta come up with

Yana is like an electronic secretary, who carries out your orders as long as they are legal. Legal? Yes, you can’t just ask her to get you marijuana!




You can ask Yana to fulfil your daily needs as regards purchase of groceries, seek services for your home, book tickets, etc. Simple necessities of daily life. All you need to do is pick up your phone, open WhatsApp and message your request at this number: 8010-890-890.

Yana 1

You can also take a picture of your request or send a voice message!

Yana 3

Yana will scout 10000 vendors in her connection for you faster than Iron Man’s flight and bring you the best deals. She will tell you the price and ask you it suits your pocket. Only after you give your approval, will Yana place your order.


The service functions just like any other human. You chat with Yana just like you’d with a friend. As you can see from this screenshot.

Yana 2

So if you are in office and don’t have the time to place an order by browsing through the confusing menus of multiple restaurants, you just need to tell Yana what you want to eat. She’ll do all the hard work.

The tap is broken and you don’t know who to call? Ask Yana; she’ll not only find a plumber for you but also make him reach you in no time. Going to the shop to buy vegetables is often a hassle for many, especially working professionals such as me. (We are too lazy to leave our laptops!) If the AC stops working in the middle of the brutal summers, you’ll be relieved to know that Yana is the one who’ll get an electrician at your doorstep. If you want your passport collected from an embassy. Or hold a conference call with your team. Even booking a driver for a late night trip to a party and back.


Of course, you can also conjure up anything for you but do remember that it should be something than can actually be done.

You cannot just ask them to deliver a Tiger at your doorstep!

Tiger Yana


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