10 Reasons Why Toxic People Are Keeping You Away From Your Dream Life

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8:33 pm 7 Jan, 2016

”But sometimes your light attracts moths and your warmth attracts parasites.” – Warsan Shire.

Here’s why every one needs to prioritize who is worth being in your life. You are no DTC bus stop that anybody can halt at over anytime. Please maintain exclusivity.


1. People’s presence is powerful.

Don’t underestimate the power of the people you are ‘just hanging out with’. Beautiful minds have the ability to inspire you. Likewise, toxic minds have the ability to drain your ideas and never let you rise. It’s your choice.


2. They leave a mark.

They will re-shape your personality no matter how hard you resist. The people we stay with rub their magic – or their drabness – on us. Be with the ones you admire for their magic.


3. They are time-consuming.

It’s such a turn-off to have spent so much time with someone only to realize how they’re no good for you. So if meeting them doesn’t give you a fresh perspective and you often have to coax yourself to meet them, you are wasting your time my friend. Be Sheldon!


4. They can drain your energy.

More than often, our body knows when someone is not right for us. If you get that exhausted, sick feeling in your gut after meeting them, chances are this person needs to go. We deserve no one who makes us feel pulled down or negative.


5. They are obsessed with themselves.

They only talk about their lives, their problems and their sorrows. There’s not an inch of you in their conversations. They are too conscious of their own self and most of your time is spent in validating their existence.


6. They ridicule your dreams and ideas.

If at all you share your ideas and dreams and they are crammed over by a bulldozer of their discouraging words, it’s a warning enough. You don’t need such people who extinguish your fire to light their own.


7. They are only here when they need something.

If your conscience keeps telling you how someone is tricking you into favors or only calling you when they want to go out and need a lift or a bill-payer, listen. You are being manipulated. You hold NO obligation to stay.


8. They pull you down with their own insecurities.

If they are constantly making you feel worse about yourself, only to make themselves feel better, run. They are plagued by their own insecurities so much that they will weigh you down, eventually making you feel guilty or self-conscious. Do you want that?


9. They refuse to accept the new You.

As hard it as it may be, it’s true how sometimes the people we grow up with don’t grow up themselves. If they don’t synchronize with the new and improved you, if they label you with your past mistakes and if they refuse to give you the room to grow more, leave.


10. They are self-sabotaging all the time.

Yes, it’s true we want to save people from their miseries. However, this should not be at the sake of your own sanity. If they are constantly complaining and are not ready to leave their negativity,no matter how hard you try, give up! Don’t drown yourself for people who don’t want to swim.


We can keep ignoring what our conscience is saying about these people, but it’s wise to accept that down the line they all impact us. Clear the clutter, skim through the crowd and find the gems. Trust me, its not worth wasting yourself over stones.


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